Meticulous review of the entire contract

By taking the time to carefully examine every clause in your contract… we can identify potential red flags (and offer advice on negotiations). Sit back and relax with a calm peace-of-mind – knowing you’ll get a contract tailored to your specific needs, with favorable terms that do NOT trap you in a regretful situation.

Letter of Intent

Your LOI sets out the agreed-upon terms & conditions surrounding a contract before it’s signed. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that your letter of intent covers every detail – job title, compensation, benefits, start date, duration, and all expectations.

Renegotiations + renewals

Is your contract up for renewal? Need help renegotiating? We have deep insight into the latest industry data – which maximizes your chances of getting the most current and up-to-date compensation for your specialty. If possible, we’ll arm you with irrefutable proof your compensation should be raised – it’ll be hard for them to say no.

Early termination strategy + negotiation

Early termination is a vital part of any physician contract – and unexpected circumstances can arise that require it. We will help you negotiate the best possible terms – allowing you to move on with minimal financial repercussions or contractual obligations.

Partnership agreements

We’ll analyze each agreement for several factors – including:

  • Profitability & compensation structure
  • Non-judicial governance issues
  • Indemnification clauses
  • Liability insurance coverage
  • Scope of practice and long-term goals

Our team is well-versed in current healthcare regulations – and we’ll guarantee your partnership contract is sound and secure.

MGMA data

We have access to a treasure trove of compensation trends and benchmarks – verified through industry-wide MGMA data that lawyers often don’t use. This data can provide insight into local market rates, length of contracts, and average salaries across various specialties.

Schedule a free consultation.

Meet directly with the owners – Peter and Andrew.

Schedule a free consultation.

Meet directly with the owners – Peter and Andrew.