What’s your mission?

Simple – offer you a 5-star service, without nickel-and-diming customers. That’s why we only offer only 1 comprehensive package option (at a fair, non-greedy price) – since you should get everything you need at one flat cost, instead of being manipulated into buying “upsells” you should get up-front anyway.

Why should I hire you?

See “Why Us

What makes you different?

We are the most affordable physician contract review service with full-spectrum coverage – offering an in-depth review by both of us (your own “personal” lawyer and a physician at your side).

No expensive hourly rates, 100% satisfaction guaranteed or money back, custom recommendations, and everything you need to skillfully negotiate a single contract offer is included for one low price:

  • Letter of Intent
  • Full benefits review
  • Renegotiations and renewals
  • Strategy and negotiation for early termination
  • Partnership agreements
  • MGMA data

Are you a law firm?

No. While Peter is a lawyer, we are not a law firm.  Rather, we are contract review and negotiation specialists.  We give contract advice so you are in the best position to jump-start your new job.

Why shouldn’t I just hire an lawyer?

Run-of-the-mill lawyers charge expensive hourly rates – and physicians often report getting nickel and dimed. At Medicine Contracts, we only charge you one flat price – which covers the entire review process (no hidden/surprise costs). Plus, we also have crucial MGMA data on compensation + benefits that regular lawyers often don’t have.

Do you review Letters of Intent?

Yes – although Letters of Intent are generally not legally binding, you shouldn’t treat one as a meaningless document either. It’s important that you never sign anything without an outside review.

Do you review contracts for all medical specialties and practice settings?

Yes, we cover every medical specialty recognized by the ACGME from large healthcare systems to small private practices.

My contract is up for renewal – can you help w/ renegotiation?

Yes – not only do we cover standard contract reviews, but we specialize in renegotiations for renewals too. 

The employer told me that this is a standard physician employment contract, and it can’t be changed. Should I still have the contract reviewed?

Every contract can be negotiated. We understand that negotiation with a potential future employer can be uncomfortable – however, it’s extremely important. Do NOT settle for a cookie-cutter deal.

Why should I get my contract reviewed?

A physician contract review is essential when signing the biggest deal of your life. Every contract that you sign will set the tone & trajectory of your career and also form the basis for all future compensation increases.

It’s vital to use all resources available, such as hiring a consultancy for a contract review, to avoid making premature commitments, ensure that you get a solid offer, and secure the best possible contract.

Will it upset the relationship with my employer if I get a lawyer involved?

No. In fact, getting outside advice will prevent upsetting the relationship with your potential employer. It will give you the opportunity to play ‘dumb’ and remove the burden & pressure off yourself – without straining the relationship. You can say it’s your advisers, not you, who are critical of the offer to take full advantage of your adviser’s expertise.

What is the cost, are there any hidden fees?

We offer a flat price of 1,350 dollars until the contract is signed or the offer of employment is declined. We have no hidden fees. We do not believe in nickel and diming customers, which is why we don’t try to upcharge you on different “packages” or charge a different price depending on your specialty. Our mentality is that if it’s something that will help you with your contract negotiation, you should have access to it.

Can you review more than one contract?

Yes, we are happy to review as many contracts as you want, but each contract will cost 1,350 dollars.

How long does the process take?

Typically, you should be able to schedule a contract review session within 2 weeks – sometimes even the next day or two, depending on availability.

How long are the contract review sessions?

Usually, it takes about an hour or so to thoroughly go over one contract together. However, we give each time slot plenty of buffer time so that you will never feel rushed.

Who will I be in communication with?

Both of us – Andrew and Pete – at all times. You work directly with us, the owners.

What’s your refund policy?

We offer a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy in any way, just let us know and we will do everything we can to remedy the situation, including a full refund. However, we can’t guarantee your negotiation goes 100% as planned, of course. We will always honor your refund request – but please judge us based on the satisfaction of your contract review.

Schedule a free consultation.

Meet directly with the owners – Peter and Andrew.

Schedule a free consultation.

Meet directly with the owners – Peter and Andrew.